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Dr. Anthony Frizzo Pediatric Dentistry. From the day your child gets his or her first tooth, let us catch any problems before they grow. Give your child the pediatric dental care he or she needs for a bright smile and to develop lifelong healthy habits. Good dental health during the early years of your child's life can make a big difference in the rest of his or her life. Make sure you take all of your children to a specialist who can give them the specific care they need for their age group.

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•  American Dental Association

•  American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

•  Missouri Dental Association

•  Missouri Pediatric Dental Association

•  Southwest Pediatric Association

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Dr. Frizzo spent his early years growing up in Saint Charles, MO. After attending the University of MO for biology, he studied dentistry at the University of Kentucky. He proceeded to serve as chief resident specializing in pediatric dentistry in Philadelphia. He has since returned to the Midwest, where he lives with his wife, three boys, and a pet frog named Sticky. Dr. Frizzo has worked as a dentist for over 10 years.

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