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Dr Anthony Frizzo Pediatric Dentistry

Bring your child to the only pediatric dentist in the Saint Joseph area. For your convenience, most insurance coverage is filed.

Give your child a head start in life by taking care of dental problems before them become bigger issues down the road. Improve your child's dental care throughout his or her life by making sure that he or she receives the best care possible from a pediatric dentist. From an early age, your child will benefit from receiving customized dental services based on his or her unique needs. Regardless of what procedures are needed, your child's safety is our number one priority. To protect your child from pain during more uncomfortable procedures, we offer many sedation options, including oral and nitrous oxide. These techniques are effective and won't cause discomfort.

Provide your child with dental care as soon as the first tooth appears

Expose your child to high quality, comprehensive dentistry

•  Cleanings and X-rays

•  Space maintenance

•  Oral and IV sedation

For your benefit, we're proud members of:

•  Nitrous oxide sedation

•  Hospital dentistry

•  Preventative dentistry and sealants

•  Dental restorations

•  Special needs dentistry

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•  Southwest Pediatric Association